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About us


Actioncam. OEM. Middle&Low end. Best supplier in China

Whom we are ?
We are a company established in 2004 , based in Shenzhen .We have full experience in Resourcing and Developing in digital products in the past 11 years. We used to produce pen camera / Mini Camera and Digital cameras for some big trading companies in China . And from the year 2011, we start to develop the first model of the Actioncam, and with the marketing growth, we construct our own sales team in 2012 and start to attend the fair. With the innovative products and reliable quality , we got great success in the fairs ,and now we have 200 workers and the year turnover is up to USD$5000000.00 in 2012. We are a growing company and aimed to be the best manufacturer of the Middle&Low end of Actioncam and out-door digital products in the OEM field in China.

What we do?
We are an OEM manufacturer specialized with water-proof Actioncam and out-door digital products. We release 1-3 new models with private tooling every half year, we focus on the middle-end and low end consumers and sell to the limited customers in different market with exclusive priority to protect each market.

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